Q-SOFT works in two lines of business: software and communications infrastructure.

Regarding the products and services in our Q/M/S range, we design and implement the data, voice, video and security aspects of the whole communications infrastructure.  With our Q/M/S Classic product, we offer an outstanding monitoring and controlling solution.

In Germany, Q-SOFT’s technology is paving the way for business solutions in waste disposal management.  Our market leadership is rooted in almost two decades of experience, and in our A/C/S® product; with this software package, we have created a module-based solution which displays every single business procedure and manages the flow of materials in waste disposal processes.  A/C/S® goes hand-in-hand with our communications infrastructure solutions and our TourGO® solution, which optimises route plans.

All products and their output are designed to preserve resources, save energy and protect the environment.

In 2005, with the “Customer Satisfaction Award”, Q-SOFT won a world-renowned award from Cisco Systems for the highest level of customer satisfaction.